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  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • New Construction Monitoring
  • Second Opinions
  • Mold Assessment & Testing
  • Assessment of indoor air
  • Allergen Assessment
  • Radon Gas Test
  • Water Test
  • Lead Paint collection for Testing
  • Septic Services  **

Home Inspection Fees

  • Home size 1000 Sq. Ft. Or less $275.00
  • Home size 1001 to 1500 Sq. Ft. $300.00
  • Home size 1501 to 2000 Sq. Ft. $325.00
  • Home size 2001 to 3000 Sq. Ft. $360.00
  • Home size 3001 and up 0.12 per square foot listed heated space.
  • Additional Fees may be charged due to the age of the home.
  • Additional Fees may be charged for repossessions

  • Standard Condo Fee is $275.00
  • Standard Single Wide Mobile Home  $275.00
  • Standard Double Wide Mobile Home $300.00

  • Fees for detached buildings begin at $35.00 and increase depending on the size of the building and its age.

  • Water test***
The normal turnaround time for water test is 72 hours after the accredited lab receives the sample.

Individual Items that the Lab can test for.
Bacteria (Total Coliform & E Coli)
Total Nitrate/Nitrite
PH (Acidity)  

Call for Fees on the individual items.

Lab Test Packages for Water

Chemical & Bacteria
Bacteria (Total Coliform, E Coli), Nitrate, Nitrite,
Total Nitrate/Nitrite, Iron, and Turbidity  
Fee= $125.00***

Bacteria (Total Coliform, E Coli), Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite,
Total Nitrate/Nitrite, PH, Iron, and Turbidity  
Fee= $135.00 ***

Complete Water Analysis
Alkalinity, Bacteria (Total Coliform, E Coli), Nitrate, Nitrite,
Clarity, Chlorine, Color, Copper, Hardness, Iron, Lead,
Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Nitrate/Nitrite, PH (Acidity)
Fee= $210.00

  • Radon gas***
We are HEPA Certified to take radon gas samples.
The normal turnaround time for radon is 48 hours after the lab receives the sample.
Radon collection for test at the time of the home inspection in Mooresville NC $110.00.
Radon Gas collection fees for collections not at the time of other inspections is $140.00 if the collections are
within a 15 mile radius of Mooresville.

Fees at the time of the inspection at other cities are dependant on mileage.

Fee for Radon in water testing

Additional fees will be charged for the service if not at the time of an inspection due to the increasing prices of

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment***
Indoor air quality assessment is a process that involves taking a sample of the air on the outside of the home and samples
on the inside of the home then have a lab evaluate the samples. The indoor samples should be in line with the outdoor
samples when compared. Elevated counts of mold and other particles on the inside would indicate a problem with the air

Three samples would be taken on an average size home. One sample on the exterior and two samples on the interior.
Fee= $300.00

  • Mold **
Normal lab turn around time is 24 hours or the end of the next business day for mold samples.

Mold culturing lab turn around time is 5 to 7 days from the time the lab receives the mold sample.

Mold species identifying lab turn around time is 5 to 7 days from the time the lab receives the mold sample.

Mold samples can be taken on individual request. Pricing will be determined by the circumstances; distance of travel, if
at the time of another inspection, and the test specifics of the lab test requested.

Call for details.

Mold turn around times can be quickened by the lab for additional cost.

We may be contacted by email on this site at the contact us page.
office phone # is 704-664-7011
Our mobile phone # is 704-340-4767
Email Olin@christenbury.net
Services We Provide
Fee Schedule Below
* The Home Inspection fees listed above are figured on heated square footage with a crawlspace
or a basement and are used as an example .We reserve the right to make adjustments on the listed
fees up or down for:  travel distance, slab homes, the age of the home, special request, and due to
the circumstances at the time.

** Indicates this item may be performed by an affiliate.

*** Additional fees charged if not at the time of the home inspection.
Under Construction Fees being updated
A 2.75% charge will be added to the total cost of the Inspection when fees are paid with a credit card.

10% discount on any inspections that are paid for with cash or check at the time of the inspection.
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