Water Damage
Double tapped breaker
Electrical cable through doorway
Packaged HVAC settled in the soil
New Construction site drainage
Energized electrical wires in the
Broken rafter
Inspection Photos of Damages & Non Standard Items found
Christenbury Home Inspection
HVAC Main Supply Duct Loose
Loose Insulation on supply duct
Shrubs restricting access to main
electrical panel
Rust and mineral deposits at the hot
water heater.
Mold on Joist
Asbestos covering on pipe
Roofing repairs
Site Drainage Problems
Drain Leak in Crawlspace
Rusty Evaporator
Evaporator Pan filled with Water
Electrical Wires Connected outside of
a junction box
Inadequate GAS Water Heater
Protection post  
Leak at pipe vent
Rust in Gas water heater dome
Soft Wood at Roof line
Soft wood in the siding at ground level
Air Handler inadequately supported and
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